November 8, 2016

The Red


Like a virus,

A disease

It plagued my sleep

Mayhem in the streets,

In the homes

And I woke up




As In A Dream

When I decided to walk the dog,
it seemed the scenario changed.
I turned around to ring the bell…
the bell was out of range.
So I drove and I drove and I drove around
looking for my steering wheel
until I came upon the curb…
It was my dog that they did steal.
So I ran and I ran and I ran a whoooole block
to report it to the police
But when I step in through the doors,
they made me sign a lease.
So I panted and I fret and I tried to explain
the entire story including the train…

 I heard a dog growl and there he sat,
head cocked, ears bent and I asked:
“Ted, where have you been?”
He barked something about Martha’s Vineyard
and I said “Never mind, you’re back!
We’re going home to live happily ever after!”

And we almost did.