Speakeasy Challenge 164

There is no warning rattle at the door

when your red heart turns blue

as the lovebird you found waiting at home

flies off to the unknown.


Silver Fox of Chicago

They called him “The Silver Fox of Chicago”.  I didn’t buy it. Perhaps because I was older than the other girls. They found him intriguing. I mostly just found him absurd. He usually pulled up in his Ferrari each week. His head full of silver hair, green eyes glistening against a Floridian tan and the body of a former athlete who went to the gym five times a week. Okay, I’ll admit, he was attractive. But the silver fox of an entire city?! I think he made it up himself.  Say it. Believe it. Become it.

As the hostess lead him to his table and all the young hotties shouted “Hello!”,  I quietly chuckled to myself, “the silver fox of  ‘viagra triangle’.”  At that moment,  his  eyes caught mine. Suddenly I felt it.  He must have been a confused by the look on my face.  My chuckle becoming a faint smile.  He nodded slowly, a “what’s up?” and quickly I remembered why I found him absurd in the first place. A caricature of a man; who did he think he was?

My shift was over and I  had to pass him on my way to the bathroom.  “Excuse me Miss.” he spoke.

I turned to look at him. “Yes?” I replied. (In my head: “yes mr. silver fox?” ha!).  I thought he was going to hit on me but all he wanted was more water.

“I’ll get your waitress on my way out, sir.”

While in the bathroom, I overheard the twenty-somethings talking about all the “money” that was there.  Day after day, I saw them: young women coming into the restaurant looking for the “money”.  I almost secretly admired them for being so flippant about it.  After-all, the older men who frequented the place knew. It’s what they wanted too. I pushed past the girls prettying themselves in the mirrors to wash my hands.  And left.

When I came out, I noticed the waitress at his table flirting, naturally.  As she walked away, again I heard:  “Miss, excuse me?”

Was he talking to me? I was afraid to turn around. Afraid I was mistaken and if I looked, he’d think that I was interested. But turn around I did. He motioned for me to come over.

“Are you leaving?” he asked.

“My shift is over.”

“Oh….. well…. would you care to join me?”

“All alone today?” I inquired. Truthfully, I said that to minimize the self induced power in his head; reminding him he was indeed “alone”.  I was hoping someone blew him off, not because I wanted him, but because someone had to let the arrogant bastard down.

But something came over me. Wasnow joining the ranks of the intrigued? Or was I just in need of a drink?

Two, three, four drinks later and we were laughing; discussing everything from adventures to future endeavors.  He seemed curious about me and he was smart. Very smart.  How could I have judged him before we even had a conversation?  He invited me home and as I was not one of those girls, I hesitated. But the martinis and the intrigue got the best of me. Besides, he really was nice.

Inside his bedroom, I was still conflicted. My heart raced. But my excitement quickly waned when I realized that It fluttered for a moment, magnificent in its struggle, then wilted and lay still.


At the risk of sounding trite, sometimes life just knocks you down; conflicts arise and a day, week or even a month can become tense and stressful. (Insert ad for medication or meditation).  Sometimes it’s on you and other times it’s up to the powers that be.  In many cases though, it’s the loved ones who annoy you.

I am having one of those days……..

How can I turn this around?

When things just aren’t right, I will reflect on what I can do differently, then reconnect. I can start by doing something, I believe, I’m making up right now. Call it, a “Tranquililoquy” (talking to oneself aloud and long enough in hopes of evoking feelings of tranquility). Or, I can blog. So I thought I’d remind myself by sharing, in words and pictures, those things I find tranquil or that which brings me joy.

Sand and Water.               Hanging out at the beach.             The Sunset.

sand and water 1water 2

The baby of the family.         Being Goofy.                           Exploring.


Music.                                                                     Dance.

474128_4405827194512_1704061191_odance (2)

A Walk in the Park.



And if all else fails, I can take a nap.



As In A Dream

When I decided to walk the dog,
it seemed the scenario changed.
I turned around to ring the bell…
the bell was out of range.
So I drove and I drove and I drove around
looking for my steering wheel
until I came upon the curb…
It was my dog that they did steal.
So I ran and I ran and I ran a whoooole block
to report it to the police
But when I step in through the doors,
they made me sign a lease.
So I panted and I fret and I tried to explain
the entire story including the train…

 I heard a dog growl and there he sat,
head cocked, ears bent and I asked:
“Ted, where have you been?”
He barked something about Martha’s Vineyard
and I said “Never mind, you’re back!
We’re going home to live happily ever after!”

And we almost did.